Dr Sourav Banerjee

I was recruited to Dundee from San Diego USA as a principal investigator in 2020 to setup my own research group. I did my PhD from University of Dundee and I am excited to return to the city of Jam-Jute-Journalism again. I am currently funded by the Ninewells Cancer Campaign which allowed me to start my independent work and recruit a PhD student.

The funding allows me to make significant inroads into understanding the molecular mechanisms of stage 4 brain cancer. Even after surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, patients with stage 4 brain cancer has a median survival of less than 2 years from initial diagnosis. My focus is to develop novel therapeutic and early detection biomarkers for brain cancer.

The funding from NCC has allowed me to setup collaborations with chemists in the USA, neurosurgeons at CRUK Edinburgh and publish collaborative research work and 2 review articles over the last year. I have also been invited to submit fellowship applications for UKRI Future Leaders, CRUK Career Development, and AMS Springboard Awards. NCC funding has helped me generate critical preliminary data which can potentially propel my fellowship applications into the final stages.  

My papers with acknowledgements to NCC funds: 

Van, A-A.N., Kunkel, M.T., Baffi, T.R., Lorden, G., Antal, C.E., Banerjee, S., Newton, A.C*. (2021) Protein kinase C fusion proteins are paradoxically loss-of-function in cancer. JBC 296, 100445. 

Worby, C.A., Mayfield, J.E., Pollak, A.J., Dixon, J.E.*, Banerjee, S*. (2021) The ABCs of the atypical Fam20 secretory pathway kinases JBC 296, 100267.  

Tandon, V., de la Vega, L., Banerjee, S*. (2021) Emerging roles of DYRK2 in cancer. JBC  296, 100233.