Ken started experiencing symptoms of reflux in May 2019, after a couple of visits to his GP and a course of Omeprazole Ken was referred to Ninewells for an endoscopy in September 2019 where a tumour was found he received a diagnosis of oesophageal cancer.  

Both Ken and his wife Betty were shocked to learn Ken’s diagnosis, apart from his symptoms of reflux he was otherwise in excellent health. Following his diagnosis Ken met with several health care professionals including specialist nurses, dieticians, consultants, and surgeons. Ken’s treatment plan was developed, he would undergo chemotherapy in order the reduce the size of the tumour before having an operation to remove the tumour.  

Before his treatment began Ken met with Professor Russell Petty and was invited to take part in a drugs trial for Durvalumab, a type of Immunotherapy; Immunotherapy is a type of cancer treatment that helps your immune system fight cancer. Ken agreed to participate in the trial and his treatment began in November 2019.  

Ken’s operation was scheduled for March 2020 but due to COVID his surgery was postponed, the decision was taken to continue with Ken’s Immunotherapy until it was safe for him to undergo the operation.  

In July 2020 scans showed that Ken’s tumour had shrunk considerably, and his surgeon Mr Patil was happy for his operation to go ahead. Ken resumed his Immunotherapy in October 2020 until January 2021.  

Ken is now in remission, he still attends regular appointments with Professor Petty and Mr Patil, but is doing very well.  

Without funding from NCC Ken would not have been offered the opportunity to participate in the drugs trial and the outcome of his treatment may have been very different.  

Ken said, “I have tried to remain positive throughout this process. The care and treatment both myself and my wife Betty have experienced has been exceptional.”  

Over recent months Ken has been able to enjoy several of his passions again, particularly his love for flying model aeroplanes and gardening.  

Ken and Betty recently celebrated their 45-year wedding anniversary and are looking forward to many more happy years together.