After a short period of reflux symptoms and exploratory tests, in September 2019 Iain was diagnosed with advanced oesophageal cancer.  

Following his diagnosis Iain met with Professor Russell Petty who offered Iain the opportunity to participate in a clinical trial of immunotherapy, a new treatment that aims to boost peoples’ own immune system to fight against and control the growth of their cancers.   
Since starting the trial Iain’s tumour has reduced in size and his cancer is stable. He attends 6 weekly CT scans and 3 weekly appointments with Professor Petty as well as continuing with his trial drugs.  
Iain lives in Angus with his wife, he previously worked as an Orthotist for a private contractor within the NHS for 40 years before retiring. However he later decided that full retirement was not for him and he took up a part time job with the local council in a care home. He has been shielding throughout the pandemic but recently returned to work and is grateful that his treatment has allowed him to continue working and doing the things he enjoys, playing golf, genealogy, swimming, gardening and going for walks.   
Iain said, “Being part of the clinical trial has been a great success, I have experienced minimal side effects and my overall health has remained good.” 
“This trial has given me a quality of life that otherwise I may not have experienced, it has given me the opportunity to spend quality time with my wife, children and grandchildren.”  

Thanks to our donors Ninewells Cancer Campaign can continue to offer time and hope to people like Iain and his family.