Fraser Fellowship Doctoral Training Programme

The doctoral training programme in Precision Cancer Medicine is a new initiative funded by the Ninewells Cancer Campaign in the School of Medicine that brings together cancer scientists and cancer doctors to work on research projects that will underpin future cancer treatments.

The aim of precision cancer medicine is to make the treatment each patient receives as precisely targeted to their individual tumour as possible, to optimise the chances of successful treatment and minimise side effects.

Developing precision cancer medicine treatments requires cancer scientists and doctors to collaborate and work across the boundaries of traditional academic research disciplines. The doctoral training programme allows this to happen for the benefit of patients and capitalises on the major strengths in laboratory based and clinic-based cancer research in the school of medicine. The programme will also train the next generation of cancer researchers in Dundee and ensure that they have the broad academic discipline crossing skills needed for their research to make an impact and lead to new more effective treatments for cancer patients in Tayside and beyond.