Nrf2 in the microenvironment of glioma

Gliomas are complex and devastating brain tumours that resist therapies and have an average survival times of approximately 14 months. Specific immune cells in the environment of the brain where these tumours reside adopt anti-inflammatory properties and promote tumour growth. However, how they achieve their tumour-promoting activity is unclear.

We have recently found that the activation of a protein called Nrf2 in immune cells plays an important role in the reduction inflammation. Importantly, the activity of Nrf2 can be controlled by medication. The overall aim of this project is to understand whether and how Nrf2 affects the tumour-promoting activity of the immune cells within the tumour. This knowledge will provide a rationale for future preclinical and clinical testing of pharmacological Nrf2 modulators, some of which have already been in clinical trials.